Smart Graphs

How do I create a Smart Graph?

To create a Smart Graph, you need a dataset. Upload a file or choose a file you have already uploaded. Click on 'Create New Smart Graph'. Your Smart Graph has been created. You can now set this up by clicking on a type of graph under 'Add graph'. Choose a Theme to adjust the colors of the charts. If you click on , you can adjust the order and size of your graphs. Don't forget to save your Smart Graph when you're done!

How do I share a Smart Graph?

Go to Smart Graphs and click on 'Edit' for the Smart Graph you want to share. Turn on sharing by clicking the slider. A link will be visible. This is the link you can share with others.

What can I do if the Smart Graph shows no or incorrect data?

Go to the dataset and check if it has been loaded correctly. Is there something wrong? Click on 'Edit'. Are the numbers incorrect? Then try removing the thousands separators from the dataset.

Can't find what your're looking for?

Please contact us. Send an email to: support@quantbase.eu and we will answer your question as soon as possible.